About us

We are more than one

Circles Consulting is a modern IT-consultancy house.

We help our clients in finding their way in the digital jungle, completing the journey together from start to finish.

We are digital service professionals. Our passion is to use our expertise to develop our clients’ business. Our entrepreneurial consultants carry out demanding development projects, from start to finish. As a customer you’ll always get a dedicated team and an appointed main consultant, all for clarity and width of experience. The over-all responsibility will always be held by the named main consultant. At Circles we deliver more than we promise – we are more than one.

Technology based on your needs.

Our consultants have an average of over 10 years of experience in delivering demanding projects.

We solve our customers’ challenges with the right tools and on the right platform – based on the best possible fit for each specific goal. For us, technology is the language with which we express our customers’ visions as effectively as possible.

Our goal is to be involved in helping our customers finding the right path for their digital strategy, innovating new products and services in line with their long-term aspirations, and implementing these innovations into customer-centric services.

Data for developing understanding.

The drive to understand and to be understood is central to humanity – and digital services.

Digital services collect and refine data in order to enhance and develop service and customer experience. The faster information is collected, stored, and analysed – the faster it can be utilised for business development.

Strategy, Governance, ETL, Analytics, Machine Learning and Storage. We help our customers at all stages of the information life cycle.

Methods: faster and easier.

As digital experts, our product is our collected experience and our working methods.

Projects should be governed with expertise and knowledge, where a consultant finds new ways of completing tasks with more efficiency and meticulousness. With these insights and goals, we’ve collected a wealth of knowledge and specific working methods, which we wish to share with our customers.

Waterfall, agile and DevOps are all a given at Circles. We help our clients in finding the right method to meet their challenges and implement technology solutions at different stages of the software development lifecycle.