Be brave

Who are we looking for?

We are searching for people who wish to develop and do things together. You can always be yourself at Circles, but you’ll never have to be alone.

In addition we hope that

  • You have a wealth of knowledge within software development, data or project management
  • You can solve problems
  • You’re entrepreneurial
  • You enjoy challenges and thrive on development
  • You appreciate unity and would like to be a part of a tight knit team

Who would you be here?

Our consultants’ backgrounds and technical skills are varied, and as such we seldom hire anyone for a specific role or tech stack. Everyone is allowed to grow into their role as a consultant, developing in their own direction depending on interests and knowledge.

Here you’ll find some role examples, to give a glimpse of the possibilities at Circles. You can still be the exact right fit for us, even if your know-how doesn’t match any of the examples.

Cloud Wizard
You can set up stuff on AWS or Azure in your sleep
Data Phoenix
Data on the wings of eagles
Front-end Funky
What a vue(.js)! (just checking your React-ion…)
Mobile Mickey / Minnie
React Native & Flutter is the future, or is it?
DevOps BlackOps
Silent but deadly
Test Automation Hero
Running tests, marathons, for fun, whatever.

For you

Everything at Circles starts with the people, and we wish to create a workplace where everyone can truly enjoy the work they do, and succeed with their projects. We meet up on Fridays at our office to hold our circle meetings, which means that we do remote work and join in to have a say and make decisions.

Are you interested in developing our company culture, or maybe gong to different gigs together? Maybe boardgames are more your cup of tea? You can be part of as many circles as you wish, or create new ones. If doing things together in an open atmosphere with other professionals sounds good, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We offer the following perks:

Competitive salary

Broad health insurance

Tools of the trade


Lunch coupons and snacks

Support for personal activities

Activities together


Joint decisions

Join the Circle side

Jukka Niittymaa
Markus Säteri
Anssi Syrjälä
Mikko Raatikainen
Minna Niittymaa
Tommi Penttilä
Niklas Uotila
Jere Karppinen
Niko Martiskainen
Thomas Lauronen
Jan-Peter Palmunen
Jaana Jumisko
Denis Mandrov
Denny Syed
Juha Suokas
Jacques Marais
Tomi Tanskanen
Lauri Kolehmainen


Telephone: +358 45 6700 818