Mobile Developer

Hi! My name is Minna, and I’ve been working as a mobile developer at Circles for two years now. As we grow, we’re now looking for a brave and skilled senior mobile developer to join us at Circles, and take on the world together. Do you find yourself wishing you could play a part in development projects that matter, working with different business and challenges, whilst always having the support of your own team? If so, a career as a consultant at Circles would be the right choice for you.

About the role

As a mobile developer you’d get to have a varied set of duties, ranging from setting up development environments to publishing the finalized application to the Play Store or App Store. Our customers often anticipate us to take charge and lead projects; a sign of the trust we convey.

This does mean, however, that it’d be great to have the courage to speak up and carry the responsibility when needed.

As a consultant you’d either be a part of the in-house team, or a consultant team, but always seen as an equal member of the team. As such, the duties of a consultant are multifaceted and ever changing, which is why adaptability really helps in this role. At times you could be choosing the tech stack used, or maybe packaging the application in its final stages. But variety is the spice of life, right? I find that what I really enjoy in my role is that I get to help businesses reach their goals while learning something new along the way.

About you

Kotlin and Swift are familiar to you, and you won’t scratch your head if you encounter Java or Objective-C either. You have an interest in emerging technologies, such as Flutter (which we also find interesting). Equally you make sure that your code is properly tested. The entirety of the mobile development process is something you know the ins and outs of, along with mobile architecture. An added bonus is a good knowledge of databases, and should you also find yourself to be a UX/UI champion, you’ll really be bringing it all to the table.

In addition to your tech skills, we expect you to thrive on challenges and personal development, as these are areas which will be of importance in this role. You love solving problems and have an entrepreneurial mindset. We’re very much a community, and all we do is centered around a communal way of working, which is why it would be great if you like to do things together, and be a part of making decisions in regards to the future of the company.

What we have to offer