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Growth hacking for a finnish publishing company.

Publiva’s e-commerce sales grew significantly with growth hacking methods

Publiva Oy combines three strong and well-known Finnish book publishing brands, Edukustannus, Kirjapaja and Lasten Keskus. Lasten Keskus is known for its quality books for children, young people and professional literature on education.


Publiva’s goal was to increase the sales of their consumer products by increasing the awareness and visibility of the products and to get more traffic to the website, as well as to practice more systematic development of digital sales with agile product development and growth hacking methods.

The aim was to improve the user experience of the e-commerce-site by simplifying the structure and user paths and to increase the conversion rate of the purchase funnel and the number of purchases.


Circles’ consultants offered their expertise to develop the entire digital sales and marketing funnel via agile project management, service and user experience design and growth hacking together with Publiva’s professionals.

A multidisciplinary team of Circles and Publiva experts was created dedicated to the development of sales, marketing and user experience, with common goals and KPI’s focused on at least doubling the digital sales in the long run, first starting with targeted campaigns for popular Molli children’s books.

The team reviewed the existing web shop, campaign and landing pages and purchase funnel and made suggestions and improvements:

  • Redesigning key elements in the Lasten Keskus online store to improve the customer experience and increase conversions rates
  • Identifying the ideal customers, their key challenges and solutions that Lasten Keskus/Molli products can offer
  • Creating a targeted social media campaign to reach, engage and convert the ideal customers to buy the Molli products in the Lasten Keskus online store and become part of the Molli community
  • Supporting Lasten Keskus in establishing a more strategic and co-creative partnership with their tech partners to ensure a more consistent and business-motivated approach to developing the online store and other digital services
  • Data was used as the engine for UX improvements -> Analytics based decisions where to start the process and finding the pain points
  • Not only modernizing the visual layout but also bring the whole customer experience to modern level
  • Small improvements tested with A/B and clear results gave direction to final designs


  • The online store has seen major improvements in sales, 
    • with a tripled conversion rate as a result of the campaign and improvements in the customer experience
    • sales growth 400% after first two weeks of site improvements and social media campaigning


We have been very satisfied with our cooperation with Circles. Work with them has been very smooth, fun and well on the timeline.

Our goal was to improve user experience on the landing pages and the online store, create more traffic with a pilot program to the online store and improve sales. Our numbers look great in sales and with the lead campaign. We are happy to continue our cooperation.

– Mirja Suvanto-Larmala, Marketing Manager