• 05.3.2024

360° Journey: A Year of Spiraling Adventures in Circles!

It was a year ago that I joined Circles as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Being part of a sociocratic company such as Circles, my first year was not only about work but also about exciting events with my colleagues, ranging from various restaurant visits to after-work gatherings for music activities, visiting festivals, sailing, and arranging meet-ups.

The work has been enjoyable; I have been able to improve my professional skills and most importantly help people who are seeking jobs. During this time, I have also learned a lot about different domains such as sales, and have been able to bring extra value to Circles by collaborating with the sales team. My position requires flexibility in switching between different tasks, and I have been able to cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in creative ways when required, especially in difficult situations. This flexibility led me to deliver quick and successful results in short periods for recruitment. 

Moreover, as I have been learning to code as a hobby for a while, it has been a privilege to work in an IT consultancy where there are senior consultants. Following the dynamic environment of the IT industry, it is always a plus for a recruiter to understand the technologies, be up-to-date with the ever-changing trends, and also be able to speak the same language with the consultants.

I have been enjoying the journey so far, with its fun times and also challenges, there cannot be any progress achieved without the challenges after all. I am looking forward to upcoming ones and to conquering them with a positive mindset in my second year at Circles. 

written by Gökhan Korkmaz
Talent Acquisition Specialist