• 01.3.2023

Circles Consultants brought a new level of value to our team through their deep and diverse experience - Fatman

Case: Fatman Oy


A fat job for senior consultants

Fatman Oy, is a software company with the aim to meet the needs of big companies by offering Saas products, application maintenance resource planning and contract management. However, the need for external consultants presented itself when Fatman Oy needed to fill highly senior and specific development roles.

Friendship helps, but skillsets prevailed 

A long lasting friendship, in fact, played an important role in the decision making process, with a 15 year work history becoming the foundation of the connection.

Yet, this was no free lunch, and the importance of finding a consultant with the right skill set for the role was vital; and this is exactly where Circles filled the void.


In 2022, Ville Hentilä from Fatman Oy, was in an almost desperate need to fill the open spot of a software developer within his team. After hearing about the opportunity, Markus, CSO

and Cofounder of Circles, as well as a long term acquaintance of Ville, called about the opportunity presenting the perfect candidates for the open role.


The role was a challenging task to fill as the consultants needed to possess a highly specific skill set. With time pressures and constraints on Ville’s shoulders, there was a mounting importance to find the right candidates, quickly. 


Yet, even with the 15 year friendship to influence the decision, the consultant’s profiles presented to Ville completely matched the specific expertise for the role they were looking for.

More than a job, a learning experience for all

Circles’ chosen consultants jumped into the project instantly showing their expertise and why they were the right choice – bringing a unique dynamic to the team that was missing prior. 


Fatman Oy, usually prefers to work with an internal team and is quite sceptical of using external consultants. This is due to only needing consultants for short term projects, and fear a deeper connection will be made, making it harder to leave when the contract runs to an end.


Yet, even with the high expectations set for the consultants to meet, Circles proceeded to delight Fatman through the ease of adaptation into the team, through their profound knowledge and support to Fatman’s application development.

“Circles consultants brought us consistent, decent and productive workflows and routines. This included punctuality, work life skills, ethics, commitment, realistic time estimations, professionalism. The younger members of our team learned a lot from them. When they came to leave, they left Fatman in a very good place” - Ville Hentilä, Fatman Oy

Based on this profound and joyful learning experience, Fatman would not hesitate to go back to Circles as they now know what they can expect from such a senior agency, possessing the right skills, but most importantly the right people.


Not only did the consultants bring their diverse knowledge and skill set to boost the progress of development, but brought a deep and unique learning experience to the younger members of the Fatman development team.


“If we need a consultant again, then we would first go back to Circles before looking elsewhere” - Ville Hentilä, Fatman Oy

Our expertise and skills in this case:


  • Software architecture and development
  • Coaching and training