• 03.3.2023

Circles’ Consultants brought profound flexibility, but most importantly experience to help us scale from the start! - Trimble

Case: Trimble 


Trimble is an industrial technology company, concentrated on helping the world work better  by providing technical solutions. The need for constant development and implementation of new products to solve world problems is vital to the operation of the company.


The cooperation between Trimble and Circles started over 4 years ago. Back then, there was a need to scale product development with external consultants, yet, the core technology development was still done with Trimble’s internal developers.


With a hesitation on investing in external consultants, the Technology unit of Trimble focused on training their employees internally, aligning to their goals of maintaining a long term operation of technology development. This created a coherent work environment and long understanding of the knowledge behind the product and different versions.

The time for change

However, due to a new technology development that required a rapid expansion of the team, the use of external consultants was reconsidered. The time to market was critical, therefore there was not enough time to hire and train experts in specific development areas.


As other Trimble product development teams had been using external consultants, they were asked for input and recommendations. With Circles consultants leaving a positive impression as well as successful operations, there was no hesitation when it came to recommendations.


Trimble’s tech department sought to onboard two consultants to influence and scale their projects to new heights – with the ambition to produce a working product within 3-6 months. 


Initially, one consultant was brought in from the beginning of the project. This consultant was chosen due to his capabilities and recommendations. Deep into the project, a need for another consultant arose.


The initial consultant took on the onboarding process for his counterpart, and within a week the new consultant was fully integrated into the project at hand.


The power of hindsight

Now, after a successful completion of the first version of the project, bringing Circles’ consultants into the start of the project was a prosperous decision. 


A beta version of the product was built in 6-7 months, which was the very ambitious schedule we had set out for the project. The end product was so radiant, that it is now used as a reference and a unified component and service to be integrated into multiple products within Trimble.


The consultants didn’t come in and show their weight of knowledge or experience to influence the project direction – neither a “yes man” nor a “no man”. At times, tech people can be very passionate and cause disruption, yet, Circles’ consultants had a very professional approach, giving their recommendations and thoughts on what to fix/implement while letting Trimble make the final decisions.

“The consultants are not afraid to say no. They will state their opinion in a professional manner and with reasoning behind it - but if the client has better insight or different views and reasoning behind those views then the consultants will listen and accept what is being said. It has been a true pleasure to work with them, and we are continuing our work with them in follow-up projects.”
- Kim Nyberg, Technology Director, Trimble

Our expertise and skills in this case:


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Product development

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