• 21.12.2023

Circles Host Azure & Friends

A Throwback Thursday post to a month ago when we at Circles welcomed Azure & Friends to our office for their final meetup of the year. The event was all about Azure and all about making friends, which is how the meetup group likes to describe itself.

We had a last minute speaker change due to the flu, but Luca Hohmann stepped in at short notice to deliver an engaging introduction into the world of Azure Confidential Containers. If you are running container workloads with sensitive personal, financial, or medical records, then this feature of Azure Container Instances should be of interest.

After a short break Heikki-Jussi Niemi shared his experiences of working with Azure Durable Functions. Azure Functions is a serverless code execution service, and what the “durable” part brings to the table is the ability to write stateful functions.

As is tradition, after nourishing our minds with new knowledge, it was time to nourish our physical selves with food and beverages. We were very happy to play the part of host, and look forward to new meetups in the new year.

And if you did not know, we also organize our own tech talks. Please follow to stay notified!