• 09.11.2022

Trimble & Circles co-creation continues with Trimble Construction Cloud Live Data & Model Sharing

Circles Consultants have been very busy lately. Trimble has announced their Trimble Construction Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure at Trimble Dimensions+ Conference. We are proud to be a part of the development team which has delivered the Live Model/Data Sharing feature for the service.


Live Data/Model Sharing: Collaborating across projects in real-time has always been difficult for project teams. Trimble Construction Cloud provides customers with the ability to subscribe to unique capabilities across Trimble and non-Trimble solutions such as Microsoft Teams that serve to enhance and facilitate collaboration across project teams. The Live Sharing capability allows for real-time model collaboration for both Trimble and non-Trimble solutions. With Live Sharing, multiple users can be in several Trimble solutions—such as Quadri, Trimble Connect and Tekla—and view model changes as they happen. Users with non-Trimble solutions can also collaborate in the same modeling process as well.

Please contact Trimble for more information on the Trimble Construction Cloud and Live Data/Model Sharing.

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