• DevSecOps
  • 01.11.2022

Circles Web Security Testing Launched!

The current security environment is very treacherous. All internet facing services are continuously bombarded with penetration attempts by malicious actors. The data behind these services is constantly at risk of being compromised and used for unsavory purposes. 


We are here to help you!

As a company of versatile technology consultants, we chose from the beginning to become a holistic digital consulting company. We seek to offer services in all phases of digital service creation. What we have lacked so far is the ability to harden the services delivered to our customers. 


We realized this missing capacity some time ago and have recruited new personnel to fill the gap. With these fresh competences now in place, we have designed a new and innovative way to automatically test web services for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. With our testing service we can quickly analyze our customers’ internet facing services and go deeper into the intra services layer. Our method is a combination of automated services with manual penetration testing, which covers the areas out of reach of the automated workflows.


The Finnish Government has realized the importance of security testing as well. The National Cyber Security Centre of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency is now offering an information security voucher that companies can use to test their services. The vouchers come in two categories: 15 000 € and a larger one of 100 000 € where the company will be responsible for 30% of the project costs and receives the rest from the government.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our DevSecOps Business Director Mikko Drocan. He will help you to define the best approach to secure your services.


Contact information:
Mikko Drocan
+358 50 486 9000