• 06.3.2023

Continuous Development needs a Continuous Developer - And that’s exactly what Circles has provided for over 4 years. - Asiakastieto

Case: Asiakastieto


Continuous Development projects require the need for continuous developers; therefore, the need and importance for long term consultants played a key part in our development success.


Suomen Asiakastieto is one of Finland’s leading providers of digital business and consumer information services. Like many software orientated organisations, the need and requirement to continuously develop services plays a key part in customer satisfaction, lifetime value and keeping up with the demand of tech savvy modernity. 


All aboard?

Over the years, many consultants have been brought in to the operations at Asiakastieto in order to bolster the development operations, yet, a common theme kept occurring across the time span from 6 months to a year; consultants would leave to join different projects.

This theme, in fact, was coherent with the size of consultancy agency Asiakastieto were using – the bigger the organisation the smaller the longevity of time spent on the project.

This became a negative impact on the organisation as the company saw a turnover in consultants coming and going, costing more time and money to onboard the next consultant and bring them up to speed with previous product versions as well as the future foresight.


The time for change came

Circles approached Asiakastieto. Compared to the competitors and other predecessors, Circles is a smaller consultancy firm and felt they would be able to fill Asiakastieto’s need for long standing consultants.


Four continuous years later, one of Circle’s senior consultants became their longest standing consultant and almost an integral part of the furniture before making the decision to seek greener pastures. And even now, with the senior consultant moving on, Circles quickly found a suitable consultant to dive right in and get up to speed with the workload.


Yet, the biggest value that Circles consultants have brought to the table is the proactive, flexible and senior approach to the continuous development projects.

“We do not want a developer who does exactly what we want. We need someone to challenge ideas, and if something needs to be changed or improved, raise the issues with the team and suggest technical solutions for improvements.”
- Antti Laine, Product Owner / Development Manager, Asiakastieto

Size of the consultancy agency played a key part in providing an adequate consultant for the development projects. However, Circles, being a smaller company packed to the rim with senior level consultants, made it a very simple choice


Let’s talk about results

Of course, consultant longevity is of high importance for continuous development. This fact translated into tangible results seen not only by Asiakastieto itself but also by their customers.


One of the most impressive contributions from the Circles developers has been the ability to deliver smooth cooperation with the internal team. Additionally, the high level of knowledge and flexibility of the consultants was delightful and a welcomed energy. These are the elements that can sometimes be lacking when dealing with external consultants.


The roots of our future

Now, with nothing but great memories building the roots of the continuous development tree, Asiakastieto has great plans for the future with Circles a key player in their intended success. 

“We plan to continue as we have done so far and continue to develop new products, services, UX, UI as well as further consolidation plans across the Nordics with new projects and tasks to carry out in order to accomplish our growth goals”.
- Antti Laine, Product Owner / Development Manager, Asiakastieto

Our expertise and skills in this case:


  • Agile Software Development
  • UX/UI Development
  • Software Architecture