• Circles' activities
  • 23.2.2021

Wilderness Circle went ice fishing

After rowing down the rapids in Ruunaa and trying a short hike at Komio, the Wilderness Circle decided to test their endurance over a fierce excursion of ice fishing. Of our party of 5 venturers only two had previous experience in such activity.

After forming a shopping list Jukka went to the retailer and bought the supplies any fisher person would need during the winter season. As you can see we take the responsible way and carry ice picks too.

Fortunately our office is not too far away from the place we decided to try our drill on. Here you can see our route.

For an unaccustomed ice traveller the constant crackling of the icy bed created an eerie atmosphere and seeded some genuine uneasiness. However, after some walking we found a spot we deemed right – or “right enough”. The drill revealed the thickness to be no more than 30cm or so and five holes were created in no longer than five minutes.

Then started the most exciting part: impaling the unlucky larva and staring at your own hole with an empty mind.

We spread out a little bit at first, as you can see.

My hole that I feel comfortable showing to you:

After some serious twitching some results started to appear and I of all people, was able to tame this monstrous deep sea beast:

This sparked some light of hope to the rest of the crew. We put a few more minutes in to this spot but it proved to be fruitless for any additional catches.

We walked to a few more spots to rinse and repeat the drilling and sitting process but the only thing we caught was more experience.