• Circles
  • 31.12.2022

Dear Future Consultant, Circles harnesses my ambition. And it can for you too.

Dear Future Consultant,

I have always been an incredibly ambitious individual, however, working 9 to 5 in a company with a firm hierarchy and bureaucratic structure gave me a lot of frustration – turning a large ship takes time and persistence, compared to a small and agile one.

Since beginning at Circles in August 2019, I have progressed in my career to start a new business function, developing my role from a Senior Consultant for Business Intelligence to expanding the agency’s services into Data and Analytics – in which I hold the title of Business Director of Data and Analytics.

Yet, the nimble and agile ship I helped to steer into a new revenue stream didn’t stop there, and this is how. Circles matches my ambition through its lack of bureaucracy. I (as well as others) have the opportunity to make things happen and implement/create positive change fast.

Freedom to pursue ideas

One of the most enticing aspects of working at Circles is how the company is run, through a flat hierarchy and sociocratic decision making approach. If you have an idea, you create a Circle about the topic, in which other people can join and vote on whether to implement the idea or not.

This gives a huge opportunity for ideas to not only be heard, but to have an idea implemented. If you are able to convince others to agree with you or back an idea, then there is huge potential to drive it forward.

This principle is also seen when conducting consultancy work – as long as you are active and want to accomplish something, there will be nothing holding you back.

Markus, one of the Founders, also takes part in the Circles. Yet, even when there is a difficult decision to make, Markus still remains on the same level as the rest of the employees and has never taken a role of “I am the manager, and this is what we are doing”.

The freedom to pursue ideas is truly unique, as well as welcoming.

We even have pushed through non-business related decisions as well, such as working remotely abroad or even our recent purchase of a Yacht, so we can spend more time sailing together (which ties perfectly into my boat analogy).

Holistic Ambition

Our principal way of working in Circles is through a holistic approach to problem solving. What this means in practice, is to have a complete overview / vision of a client’s problems and to find, create and implement the best possible solution.

As we are senior consultants, it is our responsibility to give our ideas and vision to the development work being done. This includes understanding the best and quickest implementation methods, the future consequences of implementing a solution whilst cutting corners, as well as having the knowledge of the capabilities of other consultants around you which can add value to the project.

A consultant should be giving their own ideas and vision to whether the development work being done is sensible or not, and whether they can influence their surroundings to achieve the best possible result for the customer.

A Gran Moment

A Circles decision we made was to take a remote working trip together, where we escaped the dullness of a Finnish November, and spent a week altogether working from Gran Canaria.

This was an incredibly special week, as many of us are split across working from home, working in client offices, and working in the Circles office. Therefore, facetime with each other can be very limited. This trip not only brought physical sunshine, but warmer feelings of getting to know each other on a personal level and taking the time to be with each other after work.

Written by Thomas Lauronen

Business Director, Data & Analytics