• Circles
  • 01.1.2023

Dear Future Consultant - I now pursue exactly what I want from my career

Dear Future Consultant,

Money is a motivator for all. Yet, when the money dries up what are you left with? A 9 to 5 for 52 weeks of the year, rolling. This is why I needed to find more than money as an outcome from my daily life. I needed to find a purpose in the work I conduct.

In my previous company, I played an intrinsic role in growing the company from a medium-sized company to an established 500+ employees. Yet, after holding this position for a number of years, the freedom to continue to grow dried up. I realised I was just living the 9 to 5 life, with a purpose void.

So, when I decided to start a new venture elsewhere, a sense of purpose was a key motivator for me, bigger than the salary package.

The Opportunity to Find My Purpose

When I was introduced to Circles through a friend, I was intrigued to discover more about the firm. After learning about the industry leading salary package, I still needed convincing on delivering a greater purpose.

And this is when I saw the opportunity; the opportunity to build and develop a new role and offerings within the company. Of course, this was visionary, yet when I spoke about my thoughts it was met with an enthusiastic response.

This, in itself, is what attracted me to Circles, and one of the key reasons why I chose Circles over many other consultancy offers. Circles small company size and flat hierarchy enables all the opportunity to develop themselves and the company through a people oriented approach.

A Decision Making Community

Circles has a unique approach on how the company is run, which reinforces the key differentiator when compared to other consultancy companies. When an employee has an idea or a decision needs to be made on a company level, then it is put into something called a “Circle”.

This is essentially a way for all employees to get involved in the decision making processes and make their voice heard. And this is how all decisions are made, whether big or small, business related or employee focused – In August we made a final decision to spend a remote working week in Gran Canaria, to all be together, as well as escaping the darkness of November.

Circling my Star Moment

The best part of being a member of Circles is the opportunity to deliver something special to drive the company forward. In my day-to-day work, I have the opportunity to do something that others haven’t done. I wake up every morning knowing that I can have a true impact on the company.

Written by Mikko Drocan

Business Director, DevSecOps