• 08.3.2023

Circles was a great experience - From the original sales pitch to the delivery - Otavamedia

Otavamedia Oy is a Finnish media company whose purpose is to create content that interests and serves its consumers. Their online services reach more than 2.3 million Finns every month, and their magazines reach about 1.5 million monthly readers.


Delivering great content experiences through UX and UI design has been one of the key elements in keeping Otavamedia relevant with the digitalisation takeover, enabling the company to pivot and scale from its traditional print services.


How our story begins

Otavamedia previously had a long cooperation with other consultancy agencies. However, due to many development projects being run in tandem with each other, the additional need for experienced developers became urgent. 


Otavamedia had changed their partner strategy towards a multi-vendor approach and this created a window of opportunity for Circles’ pitch.

A seat at the table

With Circles bringing more than senior experts to the table, it was a no brainer to choose their offering. From the get go, the productivity that was brought to the team demonstrated the reasoning behind picking their consultants.


Within days, both consultants had integrated themselves into the team and had an impact on development. Both consultants showed a proactive approach and not just waiting for the daily “to-do list”, clearly demonstrated their ability to work holistically.


Hard to pick just one successful moment

The overall cooperation between Otavamedia and Circles was nothing short of a success. The consultants integrated themselves to be part of the team and were very open in sharing their knowledge and ideas.


With the cooperation lasting for about a year, Circles consultants maintained a professional attitude, and proactive approach to the development at hand. In fact, there were some sad feelings when the project ended, as Otavamedia would’ve liked to continue working with them.