• 17.8.2023

Nautical Circle headed to the seas!

Amiraalinsatama is more than just a harbour; it is the starting point of countless adventures for the Nautical Circle. Members of the circle had made a tradition of venturing out on sailing trips, seeking new sights and sounds, and this Friday was no exception.

The sea was calm with a gentle breeze, a hint of salt in the air and the distant promise of adventure. The crew began their journey with a sense of anticipation, setting their sails towards Lähteelä. The water danced around the hull of the boat, shimmering under the soft sunlight. As the day wore on, the distant silhouette of Lähteelä came into view, a welcoming sight for tired eyes.


Anchoring at the serene harbor, they settled for the night. A culinary treat awaited them, as they relished a sumptuous salmon soup, the flavors enhanced by the freshness of the catch. And of course, no evening by the sea was complete without some makkara, grilled to perfection over an open fire. The crackle of the flames and the soft lapping of the waves against the boat made for a perfect backdrop.



The dawn of Saturday saw the crew eager and ready. With the compass set to west, they made their way towards the famed Barösund. The journey was as much about the sea as it was about the camaraderie among the Nautical Circle. Stories were shared, laughter echoed, and the sense of adventure was palpable.


Barösund greeted them with its scenic beauty and charm. After docking, their hunger led them to Restaurant Scola. The menu was filled with tantalizing options, but the crew unanimously praised the quality of the dishes they tried. With full bellies and content hearts, the day gradually transformed into a relaxing evening. As the sun set and painted the sky in hues of oranges and purples, they treated themselves to a sauna, the heat a delightful contrast to the cooling sea breeze.


Sunday dawned clear and beautiful. The winds were favorable, and the crew knew that their journey back to Amiraalinsatama would be one to remember. The sails caught the winds, and the boat glided gracefully on the waves. There was a sense of contentment on board, as they had successfully navigated another weekend of adventure.

As Amiraalinsatama loomed in the distance, the Nautical Circle felt a mixture of relief and nostalgia. Their journey had come full circle. Tying up the boat, they disembarked with stories to tell and memories to cherish, knowing that another voyage was just around the corner.