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  • 18.8.2021

Nautical Circle: Summer Sailing 2021

Summer holidays are over and most of us are back at working on client projects. Nautical Circle’s summer sailing trip offered us a nice flashback of the summer during this sunny August weekend.

This was the third Nautical Circle sailing trip. We had booked a familiar sailing boat which we also used in our previous sailing trip: Gemini 105 MC catamaran. Very spacious boat with plenty of space in the cabin and in the sundeck. Markus, as being the most experienced sailor of the crew, was the skipper.

The trip started off quite easily from Vuosaari harbor. We had ordered the food and beverage in advance and our planned schedule for departure succeeded quite accurately.


Destinations of the trip:

Friday: Vuosaari -> Isosaari (~1,5 h sailing)
Saturday: Isosaari -> Porvoo (~5 h sailing)
Sunday: Porvoo -> Vuosaari (~5 h sailing)


Unfortunately we could not use the sails as there was wind more than 9 m/s so we had to use the engine which was far from powerful. This might explain the hours.

Sundeck was the number one chill out place.
Occasionally sundeck offered also some watery refreshment.

We arrived at Isosaari about 6 pm. Firstly after landing we went to explore what Isosaari has to offer. Isosaari island is an old military base which was closed to the public until 2017. For most of us this was the first visit to this island.

Although mooring to the guest harbour went very well, it still didn’t go completely without an accident. Buoy hook fell down to cold waters of the Baltic sea and sank to three meters depth. Luckily, there were 2 certified divers in the sailing team, so the problem was solved pretty quickly.

Denis dives into the abyss and catches the missing hook!
Jaakko demonstrates us a good swing at the Isosaari golf course.

Due to covid restrictions all the services were closed :(. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the views from the officer’s club terrace. Definitely a place to visit again! Maybe even a place for some company party in the future.

Some of us took a little longer walk on the island. Good ‘ol bunkers and barracks. Abandoned places get ragged very quickly.

Quite rouch beach scene. This scenery would suit quite well for next Alien film (pro tip for Ridley Scott). I could easily imagine eg. Michael Fassbender or a neomorph walking around in that scene.
Enjoying some heavy artillery: “I feel the power!”.

Day 2: Isosaari -> Porvoo

After breakfast we started our trip to our next destination: Porvoo. The weather forecast wasn’t very good for the day but luckily the weather was far better than forecasted. Plenty of quality time to enjoy at our nice sundeck! First we started with lunch which was pasta carbonara with a glass of good wine.

Landing at Porvoo marina. Trip went nice although there was one bridge that was not too tall but boat mast fit in barely.
At Porvoo we went for one well deserved drink on a terrace. Possibly the last terrace visit of the summer. After that we had a dinner at restaurant Meat district.

The trip to Porvoo was quite long so most of us didn’t stand up until too late. Anssi and Denis were, however, in a party mood and went to meet locals in a bar.

The evening continued until very late for some and some of us bunked down early.

Day 3: Porvoo -> Vuosaari

The last day of our trip started out as partly sunny. Although the weather forecast was quite rough, especially for the afternoon so we decided to start our way back home early.

Of course some decent breakfast for the start.
Captain Säteri wished a good journey!

Later on the weather went so rough that there was even an occasion when our boat’s motor hadn’t enough or power to move us forward on the open sea so the captain had to put on full power and recalculate the route back.

A bit stormy today.

At the end we survived to the Vuosaari harbour. The trip was great! All the gear in the boat was at its place. We lost a couple of sun glasses but nothing else and everyone was safe back to where we started. The sea takes its own!