• 18.10.2023

Unveiling the Heart of Circles: Decision-Making Circles in Focus

In my previous text, I delved into the essence of Circles at Circles Consulting, exploring the vibrant world of hobbies and decision-making. Today, let’s zoom in further and unveil the intricate network of our organizational ecosystem: Decision-Making Circles.

At Circles, decision-making circles serve as the heartbeat of our daily operations. They’re not just another management tool; they are the backbone of our collaborative spirit, ensuring every voice is heard and every idea is considered.

Decision-Making Circles: Where Every Voice Matters

Unlike traditional hierarchies, where decisions trickle down from the top, our operational circles are a flat structure where everyone has a stake. Picture it as a round table where discussions flow freely and ideas spark innovation. These circles are not just about roles and titles; they’re about expertise, passion, and a collective dedication to excellence.

Each decision-making circle revolves around a specific aspect of our business, whether it’s marketing, sales, or internal processes. These circles are founded by a minimum number of 3 passionate individuals who bring unique perspectives. These ideas are discussed within the circle and voted on. Each circle member has an equal vote in the decision-making process.

Some examples of decision-making circles at Circles Consulting include Marketing, Recruiting, Company Culture, and HR Circles. In these circles, employees collaborate to optimize our strategies in their respective areas, ensuring our approach is multifaceted and effective. 

Let’s take a peek into our Marketing Circle. Here, employees from diverse backgrounds collaborate to optimize our marketing strategies. From enhancing communication channels to crafting compelling campaigns, this circle aims to make our marketing efforts more efficient and impactful.

Your Role in Decision-Making Circles

By joining a decision-making circle, you not only contribute to shaping our strategies but also enhance your professional journey. It’s a space where mentorship thrives, skills are honed, and innovative ideas find a home.

Decision-making circles are more than discussion forums; they can be described as collaboration engines. Picture a scenario where a back office employee comes up with a unique recruitment idea for attracting senior consultants to the company, it is discussed thoroughly and voted for execution. At the end of voting, if necessary we form working groups with those who volunteer to execute the idea into reality. 

The Future: Shaping Tomorrow Together

As we journey deeper into decision-making circles, one thing becomes clear: this is more than just a structure; it’s a guiding principle. It’s about fostering an environment where ideas flow, collaboration knows no bounds, and every member, regardless of their role, plays a vital part in our collective success.

written by Gökhan Korkmaz
Talent Acquisition Specialist