• GPTW
  • 01.11.2021

We are a Great Place to Work®

We at Circles Consulting conducted a deeper dive into employees thoughts with Great Place to Work Survey. The survey was conducted in September 2021 and the results are humbling. We have focused so much on forming our culture to be communal and inclusive during these 3.5 years, therefore it is heartwarming to see that our employees feel that we’ve truly achieved that.


Great Place to Work Certification™ is transparent and globally recognized, and a sign of excellent employee experience, a high-trust culture, and commitment to building a great workplace. The Certification is a recognition for excellent employee experience, granted by a third party, Great Place to Work®. The employee experience has been researched with a Trust Index employee survey, and therefore the Certification is based on genuine experiences of our employees.


Now to the results:

We found out that 95% of our people think that we are overall a Great Place to Work.


We excelled especially in these areas:

Community: reflects the deepest level of camaraderie that is developed within a group, and measures the extent to which employees consider that there is a sense of “family” or “team”.
Collaboration: measures employee perceptions of management’s willingness to engage employees in collective efforts.

Ambitious group as we are, we will not stop here. We will continue to work towards being the best workplace there is. We will listen to our employees even more carefully, keep pushing forward and continue to evolve as a company, as a workplace and as a community.