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  • 16.6.2023

Wilderness Circle: The second trip to Ruunaa

June 9 – 11th marked Wilderness Circle’s second iteration of visiting Ruunaa, Lieksa. This time our party had 8 members.

8 members of Wilderness Circle

Ever-so-early morning train departed Helsinki 06:57. Our “suite” was in the upper floor of the restaurant car, and the internet was somewhat ok to get some actual work done, too. But of course we dipped out toes to the lower section and had some mood-enhancing barley-based potions.

The restaurant car didn’t fail to serve its customers

Bunch of happy fellas

After arriving we admired the mighty Neitikoski, and Jaakko showed the rest of the tourists how to take it easy.

The first night didn’t include any planned activities, so we spent the evening warming the sauna and playing some cards.

Our most dedicated fisherman Mikko R tried to catch some fish too. Emphasis on the word “tried”.

Saturday included some chilling on our terrace.

What would be a trip to Ruunaa without some paddling? Of course yours truly had to fall off the boat during the first rapids. During the last part it was part of the tour that tourists were encouraged to float all the way to the finish line – and half of the boat did.

For the supper we had salmon with shroom sauce, and a few bottles of wine.

When in Ruunaa, one can also rent a boat, so of course we did. And the only catch that didn’t get away. All the bigger fish pulled too hard (obviously).

Sunday was time to leave, and we parked our bottoms to the local crown jewel: Pub Icella. There the boys played a round of Kimble.