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  • 07.6.2022

Wilderness Circle went to Repovesi

The Summer of ‘22 could not have started any other way for Wilderness Circle than booking some kayaks and giving the paddles some swing. Our party of 4 started the quest on Friday after a few Circles meetings.

After a 2-hour-long drive from Helsinki to Repovesi we got our kayaks from the storage unit and dragged them to the shore.

Pulling kayaks to shore Pulling kayaks to shore

Being first timers for this sport, it wasn’t quite clear how much stuff one could squeeze in for the trip. The lesson learned: use multiple small bags that fit through the holes, don’t use 2 giant bags (like me). Then you would have to tie them on top of the kayak, which brings the center of mass up. Not optimal.

My huge sacks that provide much mass

Finding the rhythm happened quite quickly, and after a few stops and mandatory selfies later we made it to the destination.

Very first group selfie The very first group selfie
unpacking kayaks Unpacking kayaks
Figuring out our new (temporary) home
Interiors Interiors before the invasion

The small cottage called Kuutinkämppä was convenient enough for 4 people. It had a stove (which we didn’t use) and a gas cooktop which we used to boil water.

Figuring stuff out or something Figuring stuff out or something

We also learned quite early that this place was also a home to (presumably) Mr. and Mrs. seagull. They were nesting on a rock and the other frequently patrolled the area and gave us vicious looks.

The Seagull Residence The Seagull Residence
The Seagull Patrol The Seagull patrol

After a brief unpacking we decided to head for the well where potable water could be pumped. Of course there was a high rock too where we had to climb for the nice view – and more selfies.

A selfie on a high place A selfie on that aforementioned very high place

As the day progressed, it was time to have some dinner. Sausages were grilled on an open fire and then it was time for some relaxing sauna.

Sausages cooked Sausages being cooked
An empty sauna An empty sauna

During the sauna session Jaakko invented a concept dubbed “Viskinuotio”, which we did next because we actually did bring a bottle of whisky. So we re-ignited the fireplace and started telling stories with a bottle of this bad boy.

A full bottle of whiskey A full bottle of whisky
An almost empty bottle of whiskey An almost empty bottle of whisky

According to the timestamps from the pictures taken, there were two hours between the first and second whisky pictures.

The next morning 3 people were capable of going on a brief excursion to a sightseeing tower and kayaking trip. I had a hangover of my lifetime and waited for the demons to leave my body in a fetal position. These are some of the pictures taken from this era. Seems like they had a nice time. At least there are more selfies.

Boys looking out of the tower Boys looking out of the tower
Three boys and a bridge Three boys and a bridge
A place for a break A place for a break
Look at my bridge, my bridge is amazing Look at my bridge, my bridge is amazing

After the expedition returned to the base, it was time to fetch some more water and cook some good-ass-potatoes, sausage and meatballs with onion. Jukka acted as the chef while I prepared the potatoes and onion.

Chef Jukka Chef Jukka

After the dinner and some more sauna, we were the goodest bois and went to bed early. In the morning everyone else felt refreshed but me, because of course I had some kind of a night of the lizards.

The trip back went a bit faster with fewer breaks, but of course it was headwind both ways. I highly recommend Kuutinkämppä if you don’t require state-of-the-art accommodation and don’t mind a very bad phone signal. It was pretty much a 90’s simulation.

And lastly, our routes both ways.

Friday kayak route Friday kayak route
Sunday kayak route Sunday kayak route