As summer vacation was nearing its end, 4 members of Wilderness Circle went to hike in Repovesi. We had booked a tipi-liked hut to provide the necessary accommodation. We drove to the starting point and unpacked the car.


The trail started off quite easy and there was a cable ferry to get across the first body of water.



Terrain had a bunch of different heights and climbing up with a fully loaded backpack was not the easiest of tasks, but the views made it worth it.



Finally after 3 hours of sweat and tears, we made it to our destination: Karhulahti



This building is called “kota” in Finnish, and it provided shelter from weather, and hard wooden benches where we would lay our exhausted bodies.

After the hike we lit the fire and had some delicious pussikeitto. Just add hot water and you are ready to go.



Mikko displayed the true example of physical labor.



The surroundings also provided some recreational activities in forms of swimming and fishing. All the fish seemed to be somewhere else though.



As the evening progressed we stared at the fire like ancient cavemen. Nobody has ever captured a good photo of fire in the dark.



Around midnight we went to benches, unwrapped our hiking sleeping gear and fell asleep – or at least some did. The building was a near-perfect echo chamber and if somebody snores there, it’s as loud as Motörhead concert in first row.

We planned to get up very early since the feather forecast gave us a lot of rain the next day. I was the only one to wear a raincoat so I anti-jinxed it and nearly no water ended up coming down during our way back.



Sometimes somebody needs to look stupid for the greater good.