our work


Circles is a global integration partner for Trimble.

We had exactly the kind of expertise Trimble needed at the start of the collaboration and the aim was and is, to build a back-end system that eliminates the need for paper-based information

Circles has helped Trimble in developing the backend for the
Tekla Structures software, which is intended to be used for
sharing design drawings and information in the future. The
cooperation has worked very well and we have been able to
develop several functionalities. We will certainly continue to
work with Circles for a long time to come.

Timo Rihtniemi, Manager, Product Architecture sharing along with 3D modeling.

We have now worked with Trimble for several years and have become a global integration partner. We have integrated many customer’s systems to Trimble Connect 3D e.g. One Click LCA who provide carbon footprint calculations. We are continuously working with Trimble to improve the features in the platform.